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Guelph, Ontario – Thursday April 22, Earth Day:

On Friday April 23 at 1pm, in front of Guelph’s City Hall, Hanlon Creek legal Defendants will be holding a press conference to speak out against the City of Guelph and Belmont Equity’s $5 million SLAPP suit.

Four of the five Defendants will be speaking about what SLAPP suits are and how we believe the City’s legal move comes from a systemic lack of accountability, is a waste of money, and an attempt to protect development interests.

We are asking all supporters to come out and demonstrate that these five people are not alone.  When developers and politicians threaten communities who take a stand, we need to stand in solidarity together.

Recent news coverage has shown that once again, the City of Guelph is trying to evade responsibility for protecting the land, with their application to the Ministry of Natural Resources for an exemption “to harm Jefferson Salamanders and to damage potential habitat.”  This follows what happened last summer, when the Superior Court awarded the legal Defendants an injunction for defending the public interest, and forced the City to hold off on development of the Hanlon Creek Business Park.

Since then the City and Belmont Equity have pursued a SLAPP suit against five individuals for up to $5 million.  This is an unrealistic and absurd amount of money, the real intent being to intimidate people into silence and inaction.

In their first collective public statement, four of the five Defendants in this suit will illustrate to the media and supporters why this lawsuit should be dropped.  If you can, please consider taking half an hour out of your day to come to this.


Friday April 23, 1pm

In front of Guelph’s City Hall, 1 Carden st.



Cailey Campbell, Matt Soltys, Josh Gilbert, Matt Lowell-Pelletier

(519) 829-2329



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